Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Testimonial From Dr. Tonia Shatzel at 30AVet in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"I began using in 2013, and was one of the very first consumers to use it.  I found it incredibly intuitive and easy to use, and trained myself to use the majority of the software just by trial and error within a few hours of signing up.  When I hit the wall of my learning and reached out for customer support, I was contacted almost immediately with offers for a video training conference, which closed the loop on my education with the product. is perfect for my practice.  We are a tech-savvy hospital, and we love our gadgets!  With, we are able to access patient records from any device connected to the internet: laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc. have all been used to access patient records both here at the hospital and on house calls.  Our clients, who also tend to be tech-savvy, love being able to access the medical notes and vaccination history from home or their smart phone as well!

As one of the first users, I've been able to witness being continually upgraded and improved by the developers.  It has become even easier to jump from screen to screen, type in medical notes, and create invoices and estimates.  In our office, we bring a laptop into the room with us, create the client and pet (for new patients), start a SOAP and then type in all the medical notes, create the invoice, print labels, etc. wirelessly, all from the exam room.  The technicians then check the owner out in the room using Intuit credit card processor/swiper on an iPad, and then email the itemized receipt directly to the client and create recheck appointments all in the room before the client leaves.  Because of this cloud-based technology we have no need to move the client from station to station to check them in and out...we do it all in one place which makes for superior customer service! has experienced a few glitches during the development, but the customer support team is extremely accessible and the turnaround time for problems ranges from an hour to just a few days.  If a problems is severe, they treat it as an emergency and fix it immediately.  If it's not a pressing problem, it may take 1-2 days and then they will alert us that the problem is resolved.

I chose over other cloud-based products because it was the strongest product on the market offering me the most options for record-keeping, practice management, reminders and inventory management.  Cloud-based record keeping is superior in every way to the old options, and Vetofficesuite is an affordable, user-friendly product that has excellent customer support.  I highly recommend it to any vet hospital who wishes to stay cutting edge with their services!

Dr. Tonia Shatzel