Tuesday, December 20, 2016

VetOfficeSuite.com Welcomes BenefitMall to our Network!

At VetOfficeSuite.com, we are always looking to collaborate with other companies who can help pass savings and great service on to our users. 

This week, we would like to introduce BenefitMall to our network! BenefitMall provides Payroll and HR services to small businesses.  Unlike the large payroll companies who focus on companies with 60 or more employees, BenefitMall provides exceptional service and affordable pricing for smaller companies and their typical customer ranges from 1-20 employees.

The beginning of a new year is the easiest time to sign up, so BenefitMall is offering a lifetime discount of 30% off your current invoice or off their base rate.  For more details, reach out to our local contact by visiting their website, www.PayrollServicesNassauCounty.com, or email them by clicking here.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, and best wishes for a successful 2017!

Friday, October 21, 2016


Dear VetOfficeSuite.com community,

As we strive to continually improve the application, we have just released some improvements to the vaccine section in View Medical Records.  Please be sure to clear the cache on all devices that use VetOfficeSuite.com this morning.  Instructions for various devices and web browsers can be found at http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

Please note the following changes.

1.  Visual Icon to Identify Vaccines entered through the "Add Existing" Portal:
We have added a visual icon to the vaccinations section so that you can quickly and easily identify vaccines that have been manually entered.

Inline image 2

VetOfficeSuite.com will now automatically update previous reminders and replace them with new ones.  In the case example demonstrated below, the patient was previously vaccinated with a three year canine rabies and a DA2PP vaccine.  When those SAME vaccines are transacted again at a later date, the previous vaccines will be marked "UPDATED"  This will automatically update the reminder system to only send the new reminder and will cancel the old reminder for the previously administered vaccines.

Inline image 3

Printing of vaccine certificates has been improved to ensure that only the selected vaccinations appear on the vaccine certificate.  Remember, these certificates can be digitally signed within the system, and they can be printed, saved as .pdf files, or emailed directly to the client from our servers.

Thank you for using VetOfficeSuite.com. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Eric Bregman, VMD

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Features Review by Dr. Eric Bregman, CEO of VOS

Dear VetOfficeSuite.com Community:  We are pleased to announce that on the morning of Wednesday, October 5th, we will be rolling out several new features and enhancements for VetOfficeSuite.com.

It is important that you clear the cache on all devices that you use VetOfficeSuite.com on.  For reference, you may visit Refreshyourcache.com.  This site provides instructions for clearing cache on multiple devices and web browsers.


Auto Save on the Soap form:  We have updated the SOAP forms to allow for auto saving.  Should you accidentally close your SOAP form window, or hit the back button, the information you have entered is automatically saved.  It is important to remember that if you create two SOAP forms or do not want to use the form created for a patient then you delete it or edit it within 24 hours.

The Monthly and Weekly Calendars will now all begin on Sunday:  All calendars in the system will now begin with Sunday.  

Inline image 1

Ability to Inactivate an Inventory/Procedure/Vaccine Code:  Admin users will now have the ability to inactivate an inventory/procedure or vaccine code.  This feature will allow an item to be inactivated.  It will then no longer populate on the transaction screen.  All reporting features will remain intact.  Users SHOULD NOT delete or CHANGE the name of items.  Ideally, if you no longer use an item, or you want to change the name of an item, users should create a new inventory/procedure/vaccine code.  This will allow for a much-improved reporting system.  Items can be re-activated by simply unticking the check box.

Inline image 2

When an item is tagged inactive, the screen will appear grayed out.  This is normal and alerts the user to the fact that the item is inactive.

Inline image 3

SPAY NEUTER TICK BOX:  Users will now have the ability to tag a procedure code as a Spay/Neuter Code.  This will cause the patients' gender to automatically be updated when a Spay/Neuter item is transacted.  Users should go to the Procedure section tick the Spay/Neuter box for all procedures that cause the gender of a patient to change (Spay, Neuter, Pyometra and Cyrptorchid surgery for example).

Inline image 4

Users will be notified in the transaction screen that the pet's gender will change when the transaction is complete.  Note that should the transaction be deleted, the pet will return to its original gender.

Inline image 5

INCREASE AND BOLD THE INSTRUCTIONS PORTION OF THE PRESCRIPTION LABELS:  We have increased the font size on the instruction section of the prescription label.  Instructions will now also appear in bold.

Inline image 6

Total Records, Clients and Patients:  We have updated the Clients and Patients tab to indicate total number or records, total number of clients, and total number of patients.

Inline image 7

OUTSTANDING BALANCE REPORT:  We have added an outstanding balance report to the reports section of Vetofficesuite.com.  Simply enter a date range and an excel report will be created that shows all the information related to those clients that have an outstanding balance.

Inline image 8

Inline image 9

Thank you for being a loyal VetOfficeSuite.com customer.  It is your patronage that allows us to continue to improve and enhance the software.

Sincerely yours, 

Eric Bregman, VMD
CEO VetOfficeSuite.com, LLC

Monday, July 25, 2016

VetOfficeSuite.com New Features for July, 2016

Monday, July 25th

VetofficeSuite.com is pleased to announce we will be deploying new features and improvements this Wednesday, July 27th.  It will be important that you clear the cache on all your devices that morning so that you will be able to use and enjoy all of the new components of VetOfficeSuite.com

An excellent resource for clearing your cache on all devices and operating systems can be found at http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/.

Deployment List-

New Features:
  •        Upcoming Reminders appear on the end of receipts
  •        Email vaccine certificates directly to owners
  •        Email nearly all forms and certificates
  •       Added a text field to inventory and vaccines section for manufacturer.

  •      Endotracheal tube size added to surgery form
  •      Updated and improved the client/patients search plugin
  •      Added infinite scroll to the transaction search section
  •      Improved search results across the platform.
  •       Layout and print improvements to many forms.

New Reports and Improvements:
  •        Added a miscellaneous report
  •        Added a column for appointment creation date.

New Features:

Upcoming Reminders Added to the End of All Receipts-
As requested by several of our users, we have now added upcoming reminders to the end of the receipt.  This fantastic new reminder feature applies to the pets that appear on a particular invoice and will list the due dates for any upcoming vaccines, preventatives or procedures.  We think you will really love this new feature.

Email Vaccine Certificates-
Along with the previously released ability to instantly email invoice to clients, VetOfficeSuite users will now have the ability to quickly and easily email clients their vaccine certificates.  This is ideal for clients who may not have the time or the computer knowledge to access the pet portal.  Simply select the vaccines you would like to appear on the certificate and click “Email Vaccine Certificate” .  A PDF file will automatically be sent from our servers to the client email address on record.  Remind you clients to check their spam folder if the do not see the email in their inbox.  Doctors can have their signatures digitally entered into VetOfficeSuite and they will automatically appear on the vaccine certificate. 

E-Mail SOAPS, Client Communication, Forms, Releases, & Certificates
Nearly all of our forms now can be emailed to the client directly from VetOfficeSuite.com.  Emailed forms and certificates will be sent from our servers as a pdf attachment to the clients email address of record.

Added Manufacturer to the Inventory & Procedures Section 
In efforts to continually improve our inventory section, we have added a text field for manufacturer.  This will also now be exported on any inventory reports.


Added “Endotracheal Tube Size” to the surgery report.

Reporting Enhancements

Miscellanous Item Report
Due to popular demand, we have created a report specifically for the Miscellaneous item option on the transaction.  This report will include the Date, Time, Client, Patient and user that transacted the miscellaneous item, along with the item, the cost or discount, and the amount.  We feel you will find this very useful, particularly for inventory and front desk controls.

Please let us know if you have more ideas for upgrades!  We hope you enjoy the latest features. Thanks for being a VetOfficeSuite.com User!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Features for May 2016

Hello VetOfficeSuite.com Users!

We've spent the last 2 months working on improving the VetOfficeSuite.com platform, and we're very happy with the list of upgrades for our latest deployment.  We make these changes based on feedback from you, our users, so please let us know what you think!  Here are this month's New Features-

MessageBoard/White Board

A Message Board/White Board has been placed on the home page.  Users can leave messages and tasks for individuals or the entire staff.  Items can then be marked resolved when they are completed. You can search all messages, my messages, and further categorize them by searching for Resolved and Not Resolved Messages. The Low inventory report that previously occupied this space has been moved to the reports section.
Inline image 2

Increased items and Infinite Scroll for Inventory/Procedures/Vaccines search results  

Search results can now be viewed with infinite scrolling.  Simply select "Show More Results" and the page will populate.  This process can be continued until all results are viewed on a single page.  Available for all Inventory/Procedures/Vaccines and search results for those items.

Inline image 1

Low Inventory Report Moved

The Low Inventory Report has been moved to "Reports" and Inventory/Service.  This report is also enabled with Infinite Scrolling.

Inline image 3

Outstanding Balance Available on Client Information Screen

An "Outstanding Balance" button has been added to the client information screen.  You can check out any clients outstanding balance and list the associated invoices quickly and easily from the Client Tab.

Inline image 4

Cancel Appointment from Schedule

A "Cancel Appointment" Button has been added to the Scheduling Screen.  An appointment can be quickly located on the calendar, and if necessary cancelled with the click of the button.

Inline image 5

Client Portal Upgrades

When Clients access the pet portal, instead of seeing the word SOAP for their pet's examinations, they will now see the work EXAMS.  This is only on the pet portal side.  As always, clients can request appointment times from their pet portal as long as an email address is set up to receive those requests.  If you need help with this, just give us a call or send an email.

Inline image 6

Inline image 7

Pet Information Section Upgrades

There is improved functionality in the Pet Information Screen.  Users can now select "Other" for both Species and Breed.  The drop down box can then be populated with the desired text.  This allows the user to enter species and breeds that may not be in our drop down list, and have that appear on all Certificates.

Inline image 9

Several other improvements have been instituted including various spelling corrections (Bichon Frise, and Lymph Node) as well as formatting improvements to the Anesthesia Release.

Please let us know if you have more ideas for upgrades!  We hope you enjoy the latest features.  Thanks for being a VetOfficeSuite.com User!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Features for March, 2016

On Wednesday, March 9th, we will be rolling out another deployment that will add a few new features to VetOfficeSuite.com.  As always, please remember to clear your cache to avoid any issues.  For a quick reminder how to clear your cache, click here.

Here are some highlights of the latest upgrades-

- We have completely redesigned our calendar.  An expanded, more detailed description of appointments is now available in the agenda view.  Doctors can now be color coded to easily spot appointments on the weekly or daily view.  You are now able to click within the calendar on specific times to begin the appointment creation process.  Click the video below to see a detailed view.

- Your clients will now be able to request appointments through the pet portal.

- You are now able to disable a reminder created on an invoice.

We hope you enjoy the newest features our development team has created for you.  As always, we'd love to hear your ideas for improvements to our platform!  Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook Page.  Thanks again for using VetOfficeSuite.com! 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

VetOfficeSuite.com Upgrades for February 2016

On Thursday, February 4th, we will be rolling out another deployment that will add a few new features to VetOfficeSuite.com.  As always, please remember to clear your cache to avoid any issues.  For a quick reminder how to clear your cache, click here.

Here are some highlights of the latest upgrades-

- A rotator button has been added to turn photos of your patients.  This will ensure you only need to upload one picture and save time.

- The Inventory/Procedure/Vaccination area will now be accessed only by the main admin to protect your pricing and inventory count.

- The Unit Price has been added to the report named "All Inventory Report"

- A text box for each inventory item can now be filled out in advance so the prescriptions you print will pre-populate with instructions.

- The name of your hospital now appears on the top left corner of each page so multi clinic users can better identify which clinic they are logged into.

- A new report is available that lists appointments and all pertinent information to those appointments.

For those of you looking forward to calendar upgrades, you'll be happy to know that improvements to our calemndar have been made and are currently being tested.  We look forward to rolling out the calendar improvements during our next deployment in March 2016.

As always, we'd love to hear your ideas for improvements to our platform!  Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook Page.  Thanks again for using VetOfficeSuite.com! 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

VetOfficeSuite.com Instructional Webinars for February

We hope you've had a successful kickoff to 2016! With Month 1 of this year just about in the books, and an influx of new users to VetOfficeSuite.com, we decided to announce a new round of our popular and successful Instructional Webinars.

Dr. Eric Bregman, VMD
In the past, our webinars have helped new users learn how to navigate our platform and helped staff members learn the basics and apply our software to their daily routine.  Instead of choosing a topic to begin with, we are going to announce days and times when these webinars will be available and let YOU choose the topic in a round robin Q&A.  Each of these webinars will be hosted by our founder Dr. Eric Bregman and last for 30-60 minutes based on feedback.  

The webinars will start on Monday, February 8th at 7PM EST, and will repeat each Monday in February.  Space is limited so please RSVP by commenting on our Facebook Page.

We will record each of these webinars and upload them to our YouTube Page, so no need to worry if you can't make them.  If you have any topic requests, please respond below.

We're looking forward to working with you.  Thanks again for being a VetOfficeSuite.com user!