Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Instructional Webinar Series

In an ongoing effort to make sure all of our users are using the platform efficiently, we are happy to announce a series of webinars we will be conducting over the coming weeks. Each of these webinars will consist of a 10 to 15 minute tutorial, and a Q&A will be opened at the end to answer any specific questions our users may have.

Dr. Eric Bregman, VMD
Dr. Eric Bregman, CEO and Founder of, will be conducting each webinar and will explain how he uses the platform in each of his Animal Hospitals.

Here is the schedule and the list of topics. Space is limited so please sign up at the bottom to reserve your spot.

Monday, 7/27, 8pm EST- Tips & Tricks- Using VOS Efficiently
Wednesday, 7/29, 3pm EST- Utilizing your calendar- Tips & Tricks
Monday, 8/3, 8PM EST- Setting up your inventory/procedures/vaccinations
Wednesday, 8/5, 3PM EST- Creating & Sending Invoices- Tips & Tricks
Monday, 8/10, 8PM EST- EMRs- How to utilize all of your forms

If you have a schedule conflict, don’t worry! Each of these webinars will be recorded & uploaded to our YouTube Page.

If you’d like to suggest a topic, please do so below, or write it on our Facebook Page.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July New Feature Deployment

On Tuesday, July 14th, we will be doing another deployment that will add a few new features.  As always, please remember to clear your cache to avoid any issues.  For a quick reminder how to clear your cache, click here.  Below are some highlights of the latest upgrades-

One of the main upgrades this deployment will add is a Minimum Distribution Fee.  Users will now have the ability to assign a minimum distribution fee to any item in inventory.  This will allow your practice to be compensated for stocking, preparing and dispensing prescription items regardless of the quantity dispensed.  You will have the ability to set the fee for each individual product to satisfy your practice's needs.

For those practices taking advantage of the ability for to automate your reminders via email, you will now have the ability to run a report to examine what reminders have been sent in the last 90 days.

The report will be in an excel format and can be sorted and edited to meet your individual practice's needs.

Users will now also be able to print Chart Labels from the Patient information Screen.  You will see a free form text field available on the chart label to request procedures, document allergies, or alert staff to patient specific concerns.

To facilitate a better user experience, the monthly calendar will now focus on the current week.


Appointments are a valuable resource. now allows staff to check a box on the appointment screen to indicate that an upcoming appointment has been confirmed. Once saved, the date and time of the CONFIRMATION and the name of the staff member who confirmed the appointment will be visible.

We have new upgrades in the queue that we are planning on deploying in the coming months.  As always, if you have any suggestions, please reach out to your account manager.  Thank you for using!