July 24, 2019

Dear Users:  

In our efforts to continually improve and the user experience, the following enhancements and improvements will be deployed on the morning of Wednesday July 24, 2019.  Please be sure to clear the cache on all devices, including mobile devices, on the morning of July 24, 2019.  Instructions for clearing cache can be found at

For those of you using the most updated version of Google Chrome, instructions for clearing your cache can be found at Clearing Cache Google Chrome.  For convenience, it is only necessary to clear cached images and files.


As many of us know, text messages have become an integral part of every day life.  In order to improve reminder compliance, we have added text reminders to  Included as part of your monthly subscription fee, our system will now automatically text all reminders to your clients for upcoming appointments and vaccines/preventatives that are due.  There are several things to note:
  • For the reminder system to be activated for your account, the admin user/owner of the account must email me at to turn on this feature.
  • The text reminders will be driven from the mobile phone section of the client information screen. It is very important that if a client only has one mobile phone number, that number be entered in both the Home Phone and the Mobile Phone section
  • The SMS reminder tick box will be ticked by default. If you have clients that do not wish to receive text messages, simply untick the box and click save.
  • Our reminder service will allow clients to unsubscribe.  They simply have to reply "STOP" to the text message they received and they will no longer receive  text reminders. 
  • Your telephone number appears in the text message and is hot linked on iOS devices. Clients simply need to press your number in the text message and they can immediately call your clinic


Discounts are often offered at veterinary clinics for clients that are senior citizens or active members of the military. In an effort to streamline checkout and decrease the amount of time this process takes, we have added the ability to create client specific discounts.

The first step in this process is to travel to the client information screen.  The user should tick the "Discount Applies as a Percent" box.  Once this is accomplished, the text box allows the user to enter a discount (entered as a percent and a whole number).  Finally, should you wish to label the discount, there is a drop down menu with several pre-populated choices to choose from. Should you wish to customize the discount, you can select the other option and type in the discount type.

The next step in this process is to go to the procedures, inventory and vaccines section.  There you will notice a message that indicates entire categories can be discounted.  For example, if you wish to discount all lab testing by 10 percent for certain clients, go to procedures and tick the "Discount Applies" box next to "Lab Services.  When this is completed, any client who has been designated to received a discount will receive one for any item in this category at the pre-determined percent you entered in the client info screen.

Should you wish to discount individual items, rather than an entire category, simple search for the item, edit it and tick the "Discount Applies" box for that individual item.  This option will not be available if the discount has been applied to the entire category.

When invoicing a client in the transaction screen, if the client has been selected for a discount, and the item is discountable, the system will automatically calculate the discount for you. The client will see on their receipt what their total discounts for the transaction are.


In efforts to continually improve the SOAP functionality of the software the following enhancements have been made to ensure that entered SOAPs are properly saved and recorded. Please note the following:
  • Our auto save logic has been improved. SOAPS will now save with the information entered should a user accidentally travel to a different website, move to a different tab within VetOfficeSuite, or accidentally close the working browser.  NOTE:  The system will save the text entered when a user clicks out of or TABS out of the text box.  This means that the information must be entered and the user must leave the text box for the autosave feature to work.
  • Users will now receive a pop up box warning indicating that a SOAP is open on another computer or device.  The user will not be able to edit or change the SOAP until the work on the other device is completed.  This will prevent one user from overwriting the work of another user.

Calendar Improvements
We have instituted several improvements to the calendar.  Please note the following:
  • We have added a feature that allows the system to utilize the local time zone stamp when viewing and editing appointments. This should alleviate any issues with users in time zones that are different from our servers
  • Users will now have the ability to edit the reason for visit box for appointments that have already passed.  Several users requested this feature for convenience
  • There is a new and improved "View Appointment List". The user simply has to enter the client name or the pet name and a chronological list of past and upcoming appointments will populate.  

There are two enhancements to the settings section:
  • Emails that are sent to clients will now include your veterinary hospitals name in the subject line.  This should improve client recognition.

  • We have added the ability to add messages to the bottom of clients receipts.  This feature can be utilized to thank clients, educate them about preventative health, and inform them about upcoming specials or promotions.  Click settings, and then tick the "Add Personalize Message to Invoice" box.  You are then free to enter whatever text you choose in the text box below. This will appear at the bottom of the clients invoice when printed or emailed.

Two additional reports have been added to
  • Users will now have the ability to run a report for invoices that have been emailed.  This follows our standard procedure of entering a date range and having the report exported as a XCL/CSV file.
  • We have created a rabies vaccine report.  For those vaccines marked as rabies vaccines, users can now run a report within a date range that will output client and pet information, the date, type and duration of the rabies vaccine administered, rabies lot information and the pet's rabies tag number.  This is particularly useful for those clinics that are required to report rabies vaccinations to their local municipalities.

We have instituted several user interface improvements to the Antech integration offered in
  • Admin users now have the ability to delete incomplete or erroneous requisitions.  This should only be done when there has been an error in creating a requisition and a new one is required.  This cannot be done once results are finalized.  This should not be used when results are pending as the connection to the Antech server may be lost.
  • Clicking the "View" or "Viewed By" button on the home screen will now take you directly to the Antech Results section in Documents and Images.
  • The "Patient's Results" Button has now been highlighted in the Antech Lab Orders section for easier visibility.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have any ideas for more upgrades.  We hope you enjoy the latest features. Thank you for being a User!