Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Features for May 2016

Hello Users!

We've spent the last 2 months working on improving the platform, and we're very happy with the list of upgrades for our latest deployment.  We make these changes based on feedback from you, our users, so please let us know what you think!  Here are this month's New Features-

MessageBoard/White Board

A Message Board/White Board has been placed on the home page.  Users can leave messages and tasks for individuals or the entire staff.  Items can then be marked resolved when they are completed. You can search all messages, my messages, and further categorize them by searching for Resolved and Not Resolved Messages. The Low inventory report that previously occupied this space has been moved to the reports section.
Inline image 2

Increased items and Infinite Scroll for Inventory/Procedures/Vaccines search results  

Search results can now be viewed with infinite scrolling.  Simply select "Show More Results" and the page will populate.  This process can be continued until all results are viewed on a single page.  Available for all Inventory/Procedures/Vaccines and search results for those items.

Inline image 1

Low Inventory Report Moved

The Low Inventory Report has been moved to "Reports" and Inventory/Service.  This report is also enabled with Infinite Scrolling.

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Outstanding Balance Available on Client Information Screen

An "Outstanding Balance" button has been added to the client information screen.  You can check out any clients outstanding balance and list the associated invoices quickly and easily from the Client Tab.

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Cancel Appointment from Schedule

A "Cancel Appointment" Button has been added to the Scheduling Screen.  An appointment can be quickly located on the calendar, and if necessary cancelled with the click of the button.

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Client Portal Upgrades

When Clients access the pet portal, instead of seeing the word SOAP for their pet's examinations, they will now see the work EXAMS.  This is only on the pet portal side.  As always, clients can request appointment times from their pet portal as long as an email address is set up to receive those requests.  If you need help with this, just give us a call or send an email.

Inline image 6

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Pet Information Section Upgrades

There is improved functionality in the Pet Information Screen.  Users can now select "Other" for both Species and Breed.  The drop down box can then be populated with the desired text.  This allows the user to enter species and breeds that may not be in our drop down list, and have that appear on all Certificates.

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Several other improvements have been instituted including various spelling corrections (Bichon Frise, and Lymph Node) as well as formatting improvements to the Anesthesia Release.

Please let us know if you have more ideas for upgrades!  We hope you enjoy the latest features.  Thanks for being a User!