Monday, February 20, 2017 New Feature Deployment for February, 2017

The team at is excited to announce our newest feature and improvements deployment.  The deployment will occur in the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 22, 2017.  The experience for our end users should be seamless.  As always, if you notice any issues, please contact our support team or your account manager.

As with any cloud-based application, it is very important that you clear the cache on all devices that you use when running  Click here to review instructions on clearing your cache.

In an effort to constantly improve the user experience of (VOS), the following outlines and describes the new features and improvements.  The first section outlines New Features.  This will be followed by New Reports that will be available Wednesday and finally a list of enhancements and improvements designed to specifically improve the user experience.


Price Check Box on the Home Page:
Staff may now quickly and easily check the price of an item in inventory, procedures or vaccines by simply typing in the price check box and selecting the appropriate item. If sales tax is attached to the item, that will populate as well.

Estimate Request Feature:
VOS now offers users the ability to create estimates to present to clients.  There is a new button on the transaction screen that will allow a user to create an estimate.  The transaction screen can be populated with items for the estimate and then saved.  It will appear at the bottom of the transaction page.  Users will then have this available for a later date, and should the client elect to proceed, they simply need to click “Convert to Invoice” and the estimate will be converted to an invoice.  All previous functionality, including save, save and print, and save and email will work as expected.

Transaction Code Kit
VOS now offers the ability for users to set up code kits.  This feature will permit for commonly performed procedures and transactions to be “Built Out” ahead of time.  Select the inventory/procedures/vaccines tab and then select “Code Kit”-


Users can create categories and within each category, create as many code kits as needed.  They will be created in a manner similar to an invoice.  Be sure to specifically name them and provide an accurate description.  For convenience, a duplicate button is provided. This will enable you to quickly and easily build out four or five code kits for a Canine Spay based on weight.  Be sure that you update the name and description on the duplicated kits to avoid confusion.

When a user selects a “Code Kit” (colored green in the transaction screen and price check drop down sections) and clicks the “plus” button, all of the items will automatically be populated on the invoice.  Users will still be able to add to and change the invoice, as their needs require.  Note:  Any items in a code kit that require a lot number or vaccine serial number will be entered into the actual transactions.  Automatic gender changes and tagging animals deceased, as well as reminder functionality, all remain the same.  This should save a significant amount of time at the front desk as multiple codes can be entered with a single keystroke.

Ability To Have Clients Email the Practice Directly
VOS automatically emails reminders for appointments, vaccines, and inventory items.  Clients will now have the ability to directly email the practice with any questions or concerns.  Within the body of the email will be a link that states: “To Reply Directly To Your Veterinarian, Click Here”. This will cause the client’s email browser to generate an email with the practice’s email address automatically populated as well as the subject line.

It is critical that you update the settings section of to ensure you will receive these emails.  Please select the practice’s commonly used email address.  Travel to the settings page, select “Practice Info” and enter the email address you would like to use in the box provided. Be sure to click save.


Inventory, Procedure, Vaccine or Code Kit Item report:  Users will now be able to create a report that will list all clients and patients that received a particular item or procedure within a date range.  Click reports and Item Report.  Select your date range, and then choose the item. 

This is a nice resource for tracking procedures and items sold.  For example, a code can be created called “Office Exam, New Client”.  You would then be able to report out new client visits during chosen time periods.

Client Income Report:  A new report has been added that allows you to select a date range and output individual client’s spend with your clinic during that specified date range.  This is a great way to thank clients who are loyal to your practice.  Simply travel to reports and select “Client Income”.  Enter the date range and the report will generate as an excel file.  You can then choose to sort that by any of the column variables.

Client Transaction Report:  VOS now has a very easily retrievable client transaction report.  Select the client of interest.  Next to the “Outstanding Balance” Button, there is now a “Transaction Report” button.  By clicking this, the user will get a chronological listing of all items transacted for this client.  The related invoices are hot links that can be clicked to examine.  The report can be viewed, downloaded as an excel file, or printed as a PDF file.

Enhancements and Improvements:

In our efforts to continually enhance and improve the user experience, the following refinements will be deployed on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.    

- One and two day reminder cycles have been added to your options list.  This will enable users to create call back and follow up reminders for 24 and 48 hours as well as the existing 72 hours.
Transactions items will now be listed in the order entered in the transaction screen.  This will improve invoice readability and allow for a chronological listing of items on an estimate.
- The permissible character count has been increased to 2500 characters in the free form text box on invoices.  This will allow you to enter, or copy and paste, longer discharge instructions and client information.
- In the Inventory/Procedures/Vaccines section, category results have always been sortable alphabetically.  We have now added this functionality to search results as well.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we've made.  As always, we thank you for your use of and appreciate your efforts in improving our product.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Bregman, VMD


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