Tuesday, December 20, 2016

VetOfficeSuite.com Welcomes BenefitMall to our Network!

At VetOfficeSuite.com, we are always looking to collaborate with other companies who can help pass savings and great service on to our users. 

This week, we would like to introduce BenefitMall to our network! BenefitMall provides Payroll and HR services to small businesses.  Unlike the large payroll companies who focus on companies with 60 or more employees, BenefitMall provides exceptional service and affordable pricing for smaller companies and their typical customer ranges from 1-20 employees.

The beginning of a new year is the easiest time to sign up, so BenefitMall is offering a lifetime discount of 30% off your current invoice or off their base rate.  For more details, reach out to our local contact by visiting their website, www.PayrollServicesNassauCounty.com, or email them by clicking here.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, and best wishes for a successful 2017!

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