Friday, October 21, 2016


Dear community,

As we strive to continually improve the application, we have just released some improvements to the vaccine section in View Medical Records.  Please be sure to clear the cache on all devices that use this morning.  Instructions for various devices and web browsers can be found at

Please note the following changes.

1.  Visual Icon to Identify Vaccines entered through the "Add Existing" Portal:
We have added a visual icon to the vaccinations section so that you can quickly and easily identify vaccines that have been manually entered.

Inline image 2

2.  UPDATING REMINDERS: will now automatically update previous reminders and replace them with new ones.  In the case example demonstrated below, the patient was previously vaccinated with a three year canine rabies and a DA2PP vaccine.  When those SAME vaccines are transacted again at a later date, the previous vaccines will be marked "UPDATED"  This will automatically update the reminder system to only send the new reminder and will cancel the old reminder for the previously administered vaccines.

Inline image 3

Printing of vaccine certificates has been improved to ensure that only the selected vaccinations appear on the vaccine certificate.  Remember, these certificates can be digitally signed within the system, and they can be printed, saved as .pdf files, or emailed directly to the client from our servers.

Thank you for using Your continued support is much appreciated.

Eric Bregman, VMD

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