Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Features Review by Dr. Eric Bregman, CEO of VOS

Dear VetOfficeSuite.com Community:  We are pleased to announce that on the morning of Wednesday, October 5th, we will be rolling out several new features and enhancements for VetOfficeSuite.com.

It is important that you clear the cache on all devices that you use VetOfficeSuite.com on.  For reference, you may visit Refreshyourcache.com.  This site provides instructions for clearing cache on multiple devices and web browsers.


Auto Save on the Soap form:  We have updated the SOAP forms to allow for auto saving.  Should you accidentally close your SOAP form window, or hit the back button, the information you have entered is automatically saved.  It is important to remember that if you create two SOAP forms or do not want to use the form created for a patient then you delete it or edit it within 24 hours.

The Monthly and Weekly Calendars will now all begin on Sunday:  All calendars in the system will now begin with Sunday.  

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Ability to Inactivate an Inventory/Procedure/Vaccine Code:  Admin users will now have the ability to inactivate an inventory/procedure or vaccine code.  This feature will allow an item to be inactivated.  It will then no longer populate on the transaction screen.  All reporting features will remain intact.  Users SHOULD NOT delete or CHANGE the name of items.  Ideally, if you no longer use an item, or you want to change the name of an item, users should create a new inventory/procedure/vaccine code.  This will allow for a much-improved reporting system.  Items can be re-activated by simply unticking the check box.

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When an item is tagged inactive, the screen will appear grayed out.  This is normal and alerts the user to the fact that the item is inactive.

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SPAY NEUTER TICK BOX:  Users will now have the ability to tag a procedure code as a Spay/Neuter Code.  This will cause the patients' gender to automatically be updated when a Spay/Neuter item is transacted.  Users should go to the Procedure section tick the Spay/Neuter box for all procedures that cause the gender of a patient to change (Spay, Neuter, Pyometra and Cyrptorchid surgery for example).

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Users will be notified in the transaction screen that the pet's gender will change when the transaction is complete.  Note that should the transaction be deleted, the pet will return to its original gender.

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INCREASE AND BOLD THE INSTRUCTIONS PORTION OF THE PRESCRIPTION LABELS:  We have increased the font size on the instruction section of the prescription label.  Instructions will now also appear in bold.

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Total Records, Clients and Patients:  We have updated the Clients and Patients tab to indicate total number or records, total number of clients, and total number of patients.

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OUTSTANDING BALANCE REPORT:  We have added an outstanding balance report to the reports section of Vetofficesuite.com.  Simply enter a date range and an excel report will be created that shows all the information related to those clients that have an outstanding balance.

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Thank you for being a loyal VetOfficeSuite.com customer.  It is your patronage that allows us to continue to improve and enhance the software.

Sincerely yours, 

Eric Bregman, VMD
CEO VetOfficeSuite.com, LLC

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